Wine Consolidation


Sonoma Valley Transport is the logical choice for out of state wine distributors. We collect your California wine orders and consolidate them into one central location for one stop pickup or shipment. 

We offer less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload transportation of California wine. Our flexible pickup means we collect your wine at the winery or warehouse and deliver your wine to distributors or back to our climate controlled warehouse for climate controlled storage.

International Ramps

We serve all international ramps for UP and BN that includes EMP, UMAX and privately owned equipment.

Red wine bottle, wineglass and grapes.
  • California Wine Delivery

    We pick up at the winery or any shipping location.

  • Temperature-Controlled Warehouse

    Our warehouse is climate controlled to keep wine at its ideal storage temperature.

  • Domestic or Foreign Shipment

    We can ship your wine throughout the country or prepare it for export.

  • Tracking and Tracing

    We provide shipment and tracking information for all orders.




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